Sports Injuries

I found Brian when I was desperately seeking relief from an acute injury, and have continued to see him regularly for maintenance. Brian’s vast body of knowledge and incredibly gifted talent with structural integration are unparalleled. I particularly love that Brian really, truly, listens to me and observes my posture to tackle whatever matter of [...]

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Working With Families

I have been seeing Brian for a year now and his help has been paramount to my health and wellbeing. I came to Brian with a shoulder injury that I sustained while training for an open water swim. It was one week until race time and I was desperate for help. Well, not only did [...]

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Oh my gosh !  T’s foot is back to normal.  It’s been swollen for years.
Can’t wait to come in for me!
A.G., Marin

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Recovery From Injuries

Client tripped and fell while hiking.  As well as many contusions, she hit her head. She was still in shock when I saw her, and may have had a very mild concussion. I saw her 48 ours later. Next day she responded:
“Hi Brian – i just wanted to thank you for the session.  i’m feeling noticeably more [...]

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Arm and Hand Numbness and Pain

Brian Esty has been helping me with numbness in my hand and helping my son with the challenges of Aspergers. He has a wide knowledge of how the body works and he understands how it connects with the mind. His grasp of Infant Reflex Integration and the Masgutova  Method is subtle and extensive.
My hand has [...]

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Low Back Pain

“I had lived with chronic debilitating numbness in both of my legs for years before I went to Brian. My doctors were pretty insistent that it was time for me go in for spinal surgery, that there was nothing else to do.  Because I am in my late 60′s, I was afraid that I would [...]

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Low Back and Hip Numbness and Pain

I have had sciatic and back pain for years and have tried many different methods for reducing and alleviating it. I tried chiropractic, deep tissue massage, acupuncture, nutritional supplements, stretching exercises and more.

Brian’s expert knowledge of human anatomy and of how to work it to reduce and relieve pain is extraordinary.

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Knee Surgery

I attended Brian’s Touch For Health class a few years ago and was impressed with his knowledge and manner.  Brian inspires confidence and exudes ‘gentle healing’.
In February of this year I had total knee replacement surgery and the after-effects were debilitating.  Immediately, I thought of Brian as a source for help and relief.
After the first [...]

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Personal Development

Also, I’m hosting an old friend in town from Oklahoma City, and he is constantly commenting on how much more “confident” and “centered” my posture and presence is. Thanks for working magic with me! I’ve been feeling like a vastly happier person, and the results I’ve gotten are many and nearly unquantifiable in their scope.
“Since [...]

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Child Development

And O. is acting like the child he was meant to be. He is so comfortable in himself and happy. Sometimes it seems he must feel really bad inside because he is whiny and miserable.
Thank you so much for helping him to feel better !

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Recovery from Stroke

Partial or complete paralysis after stroke is common. Regaining motor control afterwards is an iffy proposition. Traditional physical therapy is helpful, but there is more that can be done. Reflex integration exercises intensively focused on the hands and feet can help the brain re-connect with the lower level motor control systems which are usually left [...]

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Neck Pain

“I went to see Brian after working in an orchard for several days pruning trees. Looking up all day had left my neck extremely painful and with limited mobility. Brian worked on it for five minutes or so before I heard an audible soft pop, it slid back into place and the pain went away [...]

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