Therapy Hand Tools

Acupoint Tool: Acupuncture point locator and stimulator. These tools are an excellent way to find specific points that you want to stimulate. They are used both in clinics and at home. In one mode they quickly locate the point you ant to work with, and with a flip of a switch converts to a mode that stimulates the point. Until you get a feel for the power of this tool, it is better not to stimulate any one point for more than 1 minute. To find specific points for issues, you will need a reference text. Here are a couple I recommend:

“Acupressure’s Potent Points” Michael Gach

Acupressure for Emotional Healing” Gach and Henning

If you would like to set up a home treatment program, we can schedule a session where we identify potent points and treatment length and frequency.

Ultrasound Tool

Ultrasound:Ultrasound tools emanate a low amplitude, high pitch vibration that is felt as warmth in the tissues being manipulated. The high pitch generates short sound waves that vibrate individual cells against each other. This vibration produces heat that within a few minutes will soften connective tissue, which can then be manually opened up to lengthen muscles. The best way to open up the muscle is to deeply, slowly rub it in a circular motion (this prevents the muscle from responding to the stretch signal). Without this stretch, the tension levels of the muscles and tendons will not change.

The short wavelength also pumps the cells, stimulating the cellular environment and movement of materials across the cell wall. Essentially this means that Ultrasound locally mobilizes toxins and metabolic wastes at the cellular level, rejuevenating cells and their local environment. When used in this way, it is important to drink lots of water. It is often used at a low setting for skin repair.

There are strong caveats on Ultrasound, and should never be used on inflamed or mestasticised tissues. Also, it should never be used for more than a few minutes on one spot without giving the tissue time to regenerate, a few hours in fine.

If you would like to set up a home treatment program, we can schedule a session where we identify the best spots to work with specific muscular issues, treatment length, frequency and the correct directions for stretch.

Massage tools: There are thousands of these out there and I don’t have any particular recommendations. They apply large amplitude, low frequency vibration. This vibration moves whole sections of tissue at the same time. I have found that at best they provide temporary relief of pain. Long waves like these tools produce are helpful for moving fluids through the circulatory system, especially lymph. Consequently it is a good idea to drink lots of water to flush the lymph tissue.

In using this tool it is a good idea to understand how lymph moves in the body so that you are not pushing Lymph fluid against the lymph system valving, which can traumatise that tissue. The basic rule with lymph, is always move towards the right shoulder. These tools should not be used on hot or inflamed tissues.

If you would like to set up a home treatment program, we can schedule a session where we work through the best ways to uses this tool.


Percussor: These tools are found in many clinics and are not particularly suited for home use. They are an excellent tool for unjamming locked muscles quickly. To use with muscles, it is best to locate the junction between the muscle and tendon, and on a light setting, tap the junction a couple of times with the percussor. The shock waves travel through the tissue, pretty much simultaneously firing all of the spindle cell and Golgi Tendon Apparatus which set muscle tension. This should quickly reset muscle function. Use in conjunction with movement and stretch, and remember to do the antagonist muscles as well. $180.00 is about right for these tools.

Without training it is not recommended to use on joints, particularly the spine, as it will just as easily misalign as align a joint. Also, it is better when adjusting joints to go short rather than long, because if you overshoot the aligned position it is much harder to find.

If you would like to set up a home treatment program, we can schedule a session where we discuss the correct protocols for using this tool on soft tissue.