Sleeping on Your Side

I often encounter clients who complain of hip pain when sleeping on their sides. This pain usually occurs in the region between the top of the leg and the hip bone ( Greater Trochanter and Illiac Creest). There are small, powerful muscles in this area, with a lot of tendenous material, and my sense is that in the normal sleeping position, circulation and nerve innervation to this area can get compromised.

Last year I discovered a potential solution to this issue in a book by Esther Gokhale called “8 Steps To A Pain Free Back”. Her solution is to simply put a pillow between the legs when side sleeping. I have started doing this occasionally, and am recommending this to clients over the past six months with very positive results.


I highly recommend Gokhale’s book, as it is both informative and pleasurable to read. It is an excellent addition to any self help book collection.

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