Bio-Feedback Equipment

Bio-feedback is a window into how your Autonomic Functions are responding to your surroundings. Being able to see how these visceral reflexes are responding enables one to better integrate their responses into your daily activities, perhaps turning them from a liability into an asset.

These are stand alone or PC based bio-feedback tools which I have used. I usually have them available for clients to try out, as they can be a substantial investment.


HEALING RHYTHMSThis package is very strong in the educational aspect, with commentary by Dr. Andrew Weil, Deepak Chopra and other highly regarded personal wellness educators. The user interface is built around a new age flavored virtual world which you enter into more deeply as you gain skill. I have enjoyed working with this, but have found the format to be a little too fluffy to hold my interest.This is also the lowest priced complete system for the PC of which I am aware:


ALIVE BIOFEEDBACK SYSTEMThis is a newer biofeedback system for me, and I am still in the honeymoon phase with it. I really like the neutral user interface and the graphical representation over time of the feedback output. I think this may be a superior product in that the user interface is less distracting, but the educational component is more deeply buried in the product. Alive offers a clinical version of this product, and they appear to anticipate some form of coaching in its use. This is also a more expensive product to purchase with the IOM interface used with both of these recommendations. ($395 vs $299 for Healing Rhythms. If you purchase Healing Rhythms, you can then just purchase the Alive software for $148.00)


MINDPLACE THOUGHTSTREAMIf you are just looking for a basic biofeedback unit, you can purchase a handheld unit from Mindplace for $99.00. I have a Mindplace unit, which uses Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) as the feedback medium. I think a handheld unit is a very effective means for bio-feedback. However, I am less enamored with using GSR as it does not have the feel of a heart rate variability unit such as the more expensive Heartmath unit.