Integration of Infant Dynamic and Postural Reflex Patterns

Integration of Infant Dynamic Reflexes

Integration of Infant and Dynamic Reflexes

This is the reference for many of the Reflex Repatterning exercises used by Masgutova Method Core Specialists. Although quite obtuse, at times bordering on intractable, it is a valuable addition to any Manual Therapist reference library and of some help for parents looking for developmental exercises for their children. It is a milestone publication in the emergence of elementary sensory/motor skill therapy.

It is best viewed as a collection of individual exercises with comprehensive descriptions, than as a discussion of reflex function in relation to the whole person. Although the underlying system works and has successfully completed a clinical trial in the United States*, the theoretical model as presented is incomplete and in my opinion, overreaches. Although this detracts from the overall value of the book, the exercises as presented are extremely valuable in their own right.


More Information on Reflex Integration Work

*Kaiser San Jose / Sankar