Sensory Integration Tools

These tool calibrate the sensitivity of the hands and feet to the postural and dynamic needs of the body. Clicking on the name of the tool, or the picture, will take you to, where you can find more information.

Peanut Massage BallThis is a tool I can highly recommend, especially for deep work. It offers more control over where you direct the pressure you are applying to you feet etc. Peanut Ball
 Balance Disc
I use this Core Balance Disc and can recommend it. This is a mid priced unit, but seems very durable. I continue to find new uses for it. When used in integration exercises for vision or auditory with the vestibular / proprioceptive senses it can add a lot of input. Perhaps too much for many children / adults and should be used conservatively.It is also quite comfortable to sit on and easily allows for getting the hips properly positioned to support the weight of the torso.
Desk Buddy Chewable Ruler
I highly recommend this for both children and adults who can benefit from additional tactile stimuli. I have one on my desk and would not want to part with it. It sits betweem my keyboard and my body, and I often find myself fiddling with it. I do not chew mine.
Desk Buddy