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This summer (2013) we celebrated the 40th anniversary of the beginnings of Touch for Health (TFH). It was both a time to reminisce and look forward to the future of TFH as a continuing influence on Energy Medicine. Part of this discussion was about making the archive of published TFH material, spanning more than 30 years,  accessible. Through this discussion it became apparent that the true value of this material lay in not restricting access to it in any way, to make it freely available to anyone wishing to further their skill as an Energy Kinesiologist, research the emergence of Energy Medicine, or frame original groundbreaking research, avoiding duplicating research that may have been published 30 years ago.

The quality of papers, in my opinion, spans the range of groundbreaking to irrelevant. What is intriguing, is that sometimes it is hard to tell whether a paper is one or the other! I have taken on the task of digitizing this material and archiving it online at this URL:

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We are very pleased, in the true tradition of Touch for Health, to offer these papers completely free of charge. The Copyright on the material is the property of the Touch For Health Kinesiology Association, and permission is requested for re-use or for for-profit activities. If you find that you have gained benefit from these materials, donations to the association are always appreciated.

Additionally, if you find a paper that you enjoy, or not, it will be very helpful to register and leave comments for others looking for information on Energy Kinesiology. If you would like to rewrite the summary of a paper, please feel free to do so and send it to me and I will paste it in (make sure to include the year and title of the paper).

Short article for the Touch for Health Kinesiology Newsletter:

I came to Touch for Health (TFH) relatively late, never having had the opportunity to meet Dr. John Thie. In my TFH training, in addition to being surprised by how powerful these tools are, I was also surprised by how deep the roots of TFH go into the emergence of the human potential movement and became keenly curious about how this modality emerged and as well as about what other Energy Kinesiology tools were available that didn’t make it into the class. After attending the 2007 conference I realized that perhaps the best resource to address both of these questions lay in the published journals from the TFH conferences.

As I began to research access to these journals, it became apparent that there was no complete archive of journals and that to gain access to them I would have to take on the role of archivist. It has always seemed like a worthwhile endeavor to do this, both personally and for the community of practitioners of the healing arts. Archiving the journals has become a fascinating journey over the last six years, first finalizing a structure for the archive, gaining board approval, and collecting journals and other published materials from an array of sources that began to fill in the story of TFH, from 1972 to the present. Special thanks for making this happen go to Carol Gottesman, Matthew Thie and the Touch for Health Kinesiology Association. The journals start from 1982, but the 1972 manual “Health From Within” by Dr John Thie and associates shows the thinking underlying TFH as a stand alone modality. ( )

A key feature of the archive, which has also been the most challenging, is that its usefulness depends upon individual papers being accessible. What this means is that if you enter a search term such as “crystals” or “animals”, only individual papers containing this subject matter are returned. At this point, 3/4’s of the journals have been broken out in this way, and the rest are available as complete downloads but do not show up in searches. Another key feature is that the archive is open access, not requiring an access fee for non-members. There was a substantial debate on this point, which eventually resolved that the greatest good would be derived from making journals from more than 2 years prior freely available. If you derive benefit from a journal or paper, there are suggested donation options available. Free access seems to have been a good choice as the archive is currently accessed by about 1000 new users every month. More than half of these “hits” are from developing countries, where a fee-based entry would most likely have excluded their participation.

Another feature of the archive is the ability to leave comments or feedback on individual papers. This function enables others looking for information on a topic easier access, and comments dialog potentially even furthers the evolution of that subject. The goal is that some of the vast body of Energy Kinesiology experience from the member community be linked to topics through associated papers. Any participation in the comments section greatly increases the utility of the archive for everyone.

You can access the archive here: