Auricular Exercise

Auricular ExerciseRubbing the edge of the ear and the earlobe is a simple energy balancing technique, and can be very helpful for balancing the tone of the neck muscles. It is often used as a demonstration for how manipulating one attribute of the body can influence another.


To do the demonstration, first turn your head all the way to each side, noting how far you can turn, and if you feel any pain.


Then rub the edge of the ear all of the way around, including the ear lob for 15-30 seconds. If you experienced pain turning to one side, you can turn your head to that side while doing this technique.


Recheck your range of notion in turning the head, noting any change, and if you feel less pain. Almost always, there is at least some improvement in range of motion and pain level.

This exercise, as well as many other useful energy balancing techniques, can be explored in the book: