Prolozone Therapy

This therapy was mentioned to me by a client who had struggled with knee replacement surgery. She was going to have the second knee replaced, but tried this therapy as a last resort. After doing this therapy, she elected to not have the surgery. The doctor who administered this therapy is located in Marin, Dr. John Monagle. His brochure is at the bottom of this post. (Click on image for brochure pdf).

This video link is a pretty comprehensive overview of the therapy, where it is currently positioned in relation to the “standard of care”, and how it works. After watching this video, I am settled that if I had chronic joint pain, I would try it.


Additionally, his comments on oxygenation of tissues point to the efficacy of focused Manual Therapy techniques, which are directed to improving circulation.

Dr John Monagle


Feedback from clients whom I have referred:

This client has had a painful chronic shoulder issue which acupuncture and manual Therapy have only offered temporary relief. Here is a follow up from her first session:

The treatment and 48hrs post was very painful. I really needed a two hourly regimen of half-tablet Vicodin just to manage. Even then, every movement hurt.
However, my range of movement has vastly improved and is still improving. The pain now is no worse than it was pre-treatment. Dr Monagle says shoulders are often the slowest and most painful. I will probably need 6 treatments and can expect pain reduction after the second or third.
So far, I am experiencing better progress than with any other treatment so I’m optimistic. Still, it’s not for the faint hearted.