Massage Ball

61cpVALCWvL._SL1000_ (1)The connective tissue of our bodies actively monitors tension in our structure, and dynamically modifies its matrix to maintain tension within encoded parameters. The study of Bio-tensegrity is the study of this mechanism. Over time this mechanism can become “gummed up”, leading to poor management of tension in our structure. Fascial bodywork is an excellent solution to clear congestion from this mechanism.

Another, or additional option is a Massage Ball. The prickly quality of these balls can break up fascial adhesions, improve circulation and help to reset the tension sensing attribute of connective tissue. However, most Massage Balls on the market or not very stiff, as the stiffer versions can feel 71qEQe790cL._SL1500_painful. I have purchased quite a few brands of this product, and have settled on the Merrithew Massage Ball for my recommendation. I like both the size and stiffness of this product for connective tissue work.