For much of the 60 years of my life I have trusted Pyrex glassware to handle whatever demands I made of it. It has been one of the few products that seemed rigorously reliable – actually pretty much labratory grade indestructible. Over the past ten years or so, this trust has been shaken by minor incidents and vague rumors of Pyrex not behaving as it should. Both my wife and I talk to a lot of people, and encountered stories of pyrex exploding during normal use. This finally bubbled up to the point where my wife did an online search and found this consumer affairs report:


In summary, the report states that there are many incidents where Pyrex manufactured after the mid 1990’s has exploded resulting in injuries. (The type of glass used was changed somewhere about this time and is no longer that same material as is used in Pyrex labware). The easiest way to tell if the Pyrex you are using is safe for cooking is that the newer (exploding) glassware has a “Do not use on stovetop” warning, whereas the original does not. I write this post as a rare personal safety warning, and am grateful that my wife and I have discontinued heat stressing Pyrex before either of us has been injured.


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