LENS and Pain

Low Energy Neurofeedback (LENS) evolved as a means to enhance neuroplasticity, encouraging the brain into making new connections and thereby enhancing cognitive functions. At some point it was observed that LENS also helped to manage pain. In my practice I have used LENS from time to time for pain management and recently had a rather dramatic result.

A client I was doing standard LENS with came in with a severe infection in the thumb. S/he was in such severe pain that opioid meds were not touching it. I had the idea to try LENS on the thumb. I placed 1 electrode on each side of the thumb at the base, and one electrode on the very tip. The client reported an immediate decrease in pain level, and after 7-10 runs of the BodyLENS protocol reported that the pain was almost complete gone. This result persisted, and a few days later the thumbnail came off without any pain. In follow ups with this client tenderness, but no constant throbbing pain had been reported.

I don’t understand this result (the mechanism of action of LENS is not well established), but feel it is important to document it here.