Host Defense Mushrooms

Paul Stamets has been an advocate of the beneficial effects of consuming mushrooms for many years, written many books on the health properties of a range of mushroom species, and is a sought-after speaker on this subject. Here is a link to a Stamets talk I recently attended sponsored by the California Institute of Integral Studies:


Stamets sells a range of mushrooms known for its beneficial health properties through his company, HOST DEFENSE. I have been taking many of these on a daily basis for a while, and I notice that I feel that I have greater vigor and am physically more robust. I would recommend any of his mushroom products to either aid in healing or preventatively. Here is a link to the Host Defense website:


There is a large body of published research on the beneficial effects of mushrooms, much of which Stamets touched on in his talk. The key take away for me was his comment that we evolved as a species in environments where we were constantly exposed to fungi and that the absence of the biologically active chemicals in fungi in our modern “built” environment is stressful for our bodies. I feel that since I have been consuming Host Defense products, I am coming to experientially understand what Stamets was saying.