FL-41 Light Filtering

FL-41 filters reduce the visual processing load by blocking the higher frequency, more intense end of the visual spectrum. This is tied directly to our ADAPTIVE CAPACITY. Adaptive Capacity is increased by decreasing the processing load of basic tasks. An analogy for this is streaming Netflix. As the demand on the carrier increases the likelihood that the stream will buffer correspondingly increases. FL-41 filtering produces the same result as the compression algorithms Netflix uses to prevent the continuity of the stream from breaking, delivering the same visual information on a smaller dataset.

Independent studies have found that rose and red tints can prevent up to 74% of photophobic migraines and reduct the light sensitivity and pain of ongoing migraine headaches. This writer’s experience is that they decrease strain and the feeling of having to apply effort to basic tasks, thereby engendering a greater sense of presence and calm.

There are numerous variants of these light filters. These are the ones I have tried: