Neuro-Optometry and Concussion

Vision is intricately intertwined in human neurophysiology. It functions as a critical attribute of our LOCOMOTIVE CORE, having a role in the ocular/vestibular reflexes that maintain our balance and plan our movements. These reflexes are especially crucial for our species because we move about on only two legs, a feat that requires sensitive and responsive processing of the information about the current relationship between our center of mass and our body’s ideal center of gravity. The resources listed below are not related to improving our vision, but rather to improving the motor function of our eyes in their key role as an attribute of our global neuromotor physiology.

Interview with Neuro-Optometrist Jacqueline Theis on Traumatic Brain Injury, Concussion, and eye motor function.

A Neuro-Optometrist Sees The Eyes as Key to Concussion Diagnosis and Treatment

Computer-based diagnostic and vision motor training tool: