A Sustainable Future

Many of the issues we are confronted with as the dominant species on our planet can be traced to our challenge of evaluating issues beyond our short-term gain. Processing information beyond the window of short-term strategic or tactical advantage would not have found benefit for our ancestral neurophysiology and would not have been conserved. We, therefore, consider long-term issues analytically, whereas short-term gain is experienced layered on top of our emotions. This liability puts our long-term, sustainable future in jeopardy, requiring stakeholders to act counterintuitively.

The Long Now Foundation is dedicated to promoting long-term thinking. For example, one of their keystone projects is building a Ten-Thousand-Year Clock. They also date their materials with the year 02020, as a guide to reframe our time horizon. Many of the discussions presented here are highly engaging.


Another group putting long-term, sustainable thinking into practice is the SAILCARGO COMPANY project building, and then operating the sailing vessel CEIBA. This is an introduction to the project:

If one is looking for investment opportunities that support a sustainable future, this company is enthusiastically recommended by this writer.