Holding ESR points. From: Touch for Health, The Complete Edition

Holding ESR points. From: Touch for Health, The Complete Edition


is a “hands on” sixty four hour four weekend course for developing touch biofeedback skills and learning techniques for correcting subtle imbalances that can have profound and immediate effects on physical, emotional, cognitive and even spiritual well being.

You will learn skills to balance Posture, Attitude and Energy for Positive Life Goals.

These techniques have been compiled from many traditional and modern sources, from both East and West, and have been used in this form for many hundreds of thousands of balances worldwide for over 40 years. Using these techniques with friends, family and/or clients you can help yourself and the people in your life feel good more of the time and heal more comfortably and quickly.

The four weekends are broken into modules I – IV and can be taken at your own pace. Touch for Health is widely recommended as a comprehensive introduction to learning the skillful art and subtleties of muscle testing. Historically, Touch for Health resides at the fork of the evolutionary branch of most Specialized and Energy Kinesiology modalities, such as Brain Gym*. Touch for Health 1-4 is a prerequisite for many Specialized Kinesiology trainings, for example Brain Integration Technique (BIT).


Information on Touch for Health I and II

Information on Touch for Health III and IV

* The history of Energy Kinesiology can be deeply explored in the archives of the Touch For Health Kinesiology Association journal archives at this location:

Touch For Health Journal Archive

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