Fibonacci Sequence Format


The Fibonacci Sequence depicted as a spiral, an archetypal form often utilized by living systems

This is a >10 minute protocol which mathematically spirals outward in the fibonacci sequence. The Fibonacci sequence is a mathematical archetype (attractor) often utilized by organic systems. I have used the protocol exclusively on myself for several months with impressive results. This format swivels between 5% and 95% feedback to express a clear distinction at each step (which are duration based ie: 1,1,2,3,5 seconds etc.)

Please try this only after you have acclimated to very long (>10 minute) single site LENS sessions. The downloadable format is configured narrow band, so you may want to set it to broad band when you first try it.

My experience of doing this protocol (more than 20 times) as the creation of a lot of space in my head (sense of clarity), something like the difference of having been driving a convertible with the top up, and then driving with the top down.


To try this Lensware 3 format, click on the file to download, drop the file into your settings directory and select.