Gait Assessment and Training Opportunity

As a Manual Therapist I have been a student of human biomechanics for many years. As a student of Buckminster Fuller’s work, I have cultivated an appreciation for, and application of tensegrity principles in biological systems. With my electrical engineering background, I have experimented with ideas on how to feed back information on tensegrity activation in the body dynamically. After many iterations this work has progressed to a point where I am beginning work on how to bring it forward as a clinical application.

I have reached a point where I can comfortably offer an opportunity to play with this tool, with guidance. If you are interested please connect with me to set this up. It is important to note that this session would not be configured as a clinical protocol, as this is still being worked out. Although using this tool has the feel of a game, it can be quite demanding and it is envisioned that sessions would run no longer than 20 – 40 minutes. An issue still to be resolved is that use of the tool requires a flat space traversed in a straight line over 5-7 seconds. The church basement at St James will work, but other ideas are appreciated. The most minimal footwear, or bare feet for this protocol is recommended, putting another caveat on the space to be used. It would be fun to do this outside, but without an audience. Ideas here are appreciated.

Discussion of this project is in these papers: 
The “Gait Efficiency Feedback” paper is a technical overview, and the “Gravity – A Game” paper is a more user oriented discussion. This paper includes an appendix (still in draft form) that covers some of the gait training materials I would offer in this setting. I have found that this feedback has profoundly altered the way in which I use space, which continues to evolve as my physical and neurological capacity develops. Also, once the feedback provides context, progress continues without its use. I don’t know if this will also be true for other people, but feel that it is time to find out.

Please contact me to set something up, or with any questions you may have.

Gofundme page for this project