Gait Feedback Project Gofundme


Prototype January 2022

Although costs for this project have been manageable, the next phases of its development will require significant investments. The hardware will be configured as a belt clip device the size of a key fob which will connect to any Bluetooth enabled device such as Smart watches, Phones
and Augmented Reality Glasses. Costs for this hardware and and associated software development are not currently fully cataloged. If these costs can be accurately formulated, a Kickstarter campaign is envisioned to support its launch. Costs incurred developing this plan, as well as for the study validating efficacy and further refinement of the tool are ongoing and are the primary bottleneck to progress.

The intellectual property of this project is in the public domain. The project goal is to
disseminate the framework as widely as possible as it is considered having broad utility in child
development, recovery from injury, aging etc. and to have far greater utility than any individual
organization could manage. Therefore, the hardware development is planed as open source so
that applications can emerge for specific use cases, without license.

Any contributions in support of these activities is appreciated.