Low Energy Neurofeedback

Low Energy Neurofeedback (LENS) is a unique and highly effective EEG Biofeedback modality. For a specific issue such as anxiety, a series of sessions may run less than 5. For ingrained issues that may have an epigenetic (family history/cultural) aspect, perhaps as many as 15 – 20 sessions will be needed to alleviate symptoms. The client is not required to actively engage with the feedback (they can shut their eyes if they want to), with efficacy comparable to traditional neurofeedback (which usually requires between 20 – 80 sessions of focused participation to achieve similar outcomes).

Micrograph of Cortical Neuron Interconnections by Color

We are just beginning the journey into unraveling the mysteries of the mind/brain interface. As we clarify how our brain processes a task or perception (THE CONNECTOME), the outlines of the mechanism of efficacy of LENS begin to emerge. A single task or experience involves many hundreds of nodes (synaptic clusters) in our brains. Every node in the chain influences the competence and responsiveness of all involved nodes, thereby impacting the capacity for implementing the associated task/experience. LENS identifies suboptimally performing nodes (based on their region in the brain) and prompts those nodes into more effective collaboration by using a proprietary low energy feedback algorithm. The challenge is so subtle it is rarely felt – a curious attribute of this style of therapy is that the more subtle, the more powerful…

There is a strong correlation between being competent and feeling safe. As we bring more facets of the brain “onto the team” competency increases, thereby increasing feelings of wellbeing and safety. Adaptations and compensations that limited our scope may disappear as we find ourselves simply dealing with our challenges more efficiently and without habituated reactions. Feelings of Anxiety, which commonly express a perceived adaptive insufficiency, are often the initial issue to alleviate, usually within the first few sessions.

LENS starts with an initial 50-minute session where we will map your brain to identify regions that may not be completely “on board” with your agenda*. Subsequent 30-minute sessions work with sites designated from the mapping process. As we work through these sites, you can observe your progress in the embedded reporting function, as well as, more importantly, in your experience and task performance.

* Neurofeedback is enabled during this process so you very well may notice some results from the first session.

Here is a story of LENS enabling a profound reset from a traumatic experience. LENS is very effective with recovery from all forms of traumatic experiences, including physical trauma (TBI):

This presentation by Daphne Waldo at OchsLabs is an excellent overview of what happens in a LENS session


Paper on the application of LENS for a profound Traumatic Brain Injury:
QEEG Evaluation of the LENS Treatment of TBI – Dr. Cory Hammond

You can schedule a 50-minute LENS intake and mapping with feedback session here:

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