Online Offerings

I offer Zoom, Facetime, or phone consultations. These are 1/2 hour or longer conversations where we analyze an issue and I then both describe what I think is occurring and make recommendations. These recommendations usually are in the form of emailed links to relevant reference materials, exercises, and/or activities. I do not offer medical opinions. I do make observations and recommendations based on my experience as a Manual Therapist and Energy Kinesiologist. My intent with these consultations is to offer relevant education to my clients, empowering them with the requisite tools to facilitate healing or change.

It can be very helpful to complete the Neuromotor Assessment before the consultation as that provides an excellent framework within which to explore a structural or functional issue:


N.B. If you do the assessment it is very important that you note the results as all data is deleted once you leave that page (the sequence of the three numbers and their percentages is adequate). I do not have any access to the data which makes for simple HIPAA compliance.

One variant of consultation is Energy Clearing where we isolate as specifically as possible an issue of goal, I then identify the appropriate energetic alignment, and program a vial with that alignment (Radionics). This is sent to you to carry going forward in the context of that issue.

Please contact me by email to set up a time or for more information.

Brian Esty

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Pain Management
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