Web Projects


My primary web project is my blog, which is the home of my client resources. I have also undertaken a couple of other major web projects related to Energy Kinesiology and to the archetypes within which living forms are expressed.



Biotensegrity is the intersection of biology and geometry – specifically geometry based on both tensional and compressional elements as is described by the concept of Tensegrity. This link presents some of the projects (mostly models) I have undertaken to explore these dynamics.

Sacred Geometry


Why are certain geometries sacred? It appears that the spacetime framework we manifest within has archetypal qualities represented by specific geometries. Playing with these geometries seems to have a clarifying quality which sheds illumination on the experience of being alive. This link presents some of my explorations of these geometries.

Low Energy Neurofeedback


These are project and experiments related to my experience with LENS. There is a downloadable format based on the Fibonacci sequence with description, a discussion of the application of LENS and Touch for Health and a discussion of the method of the efficacy of the application of light cranial touch in the context of LENS.