Out-StandingStance Analysis Tool

All of our postural and stance dynamics integrate into the manner in which our feet connect with the ground. Analysis of these dynamics can be quite complex (TEKSCAN), however, a basic diagnostic tool could find applications in both therapist feedback and client training in a myriad of fields from Manual and Physical Therapy to Reflex Integration, Pilates and Dance. A tool as simple as a device that can record left foot/right foot load balance and front/back loading on each foot should be adequate. Ideally, such a device would calculate individual percentages of total weight as opposed to actual weight, as the ratios are the relevant data.


The Wii Balance Board (Nintendo) is designed to sense this raw data. However, this data can only be accessed through the Nintendo interface, which is proprietary. By replacing the Internal circuitry on the Balance Board with a Bluetooth interface that can talk to the iPhone, an app can be configured to immediately collect this data and present it in a user-friendly format on a handheld device. This has been accomplished in the product described below.


Tensegrity Models

Custom crafted Oak, Monofilament and Brass Tensegrity Models.
A perfect addition to any Manual Therapy, Pilates, Dance studio or classroom. These models are hand made, requiring both custom fabricated tools and many hours of assembly. I have found that playing with these models has greatly informed my understanding of Tensegrity principles as they apply to our bodies.



Most areas of the Human Body are very accessible to Manual Therapy Techniques. However, articulations, where there is a large joint surface area, can be challenging. Examples include the Sacroiliac Joints, where the Sternum intersects with the rib cage cartilage, where the Ribs connect to the Spine, the Intervertebral Discs, and many other examples. Many tools are available to assist Manual Therapists to gain access to these areas, like Percussors / Activators. Here is presented another variant of this tool which has proved effective, and perhaps in some circumstances to have greater efficacy: