Sacred Geometry

The tetrahedron is the most efficient means of fill three dimensional space. The Star Tetrahedron is 2 interlaced opposing tetrahedrons (yin/yang). My intuition has informed me that exploring this geometry will deepen my understanding of the nature of living organisms, and especially animals, which sequentially evolved one dimension at a time, as efficiently as possible, into these physical dimensions.

Click on image for full size rendering

Click on image for full size rendering

Star Tetrahedron with Crystal Balls

The crystalline structure of Quartz contains the Star Tetrahedron geometry. I was inspired to experience what I would experience if I aligned spherical quartz in the Star Tetrahedron geometry. The spherical dimension allows the crystalline matrix of each quartz ball to be rotated into an infinite number of alignments with the seven other balls.


Acupuncture and 4 Dimensional Geometry

The 12 Acupuncture Meridians can be place on a Star Tetrahedron only in one way (based on the 24 hour wheel). The relationships apparent when this is done include all of the relationships present in a planar (2 dimensional) model, but many more. Acupuncture as normally presented is possibly a 2 dimensional representation of a 3 spatial + time dimensional system. Here is a paper which discusses this possibility:

 Acupuncture and 4 Dimensional Geometry 


Energy Balancing Using Spherical Quartz


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