Sacred Geometry

The tetrahedron is the most efficient means to fill three-dimensional space. The Star Tetrahedron is two interlaced, opposing tetrahedrons (yin/yang).

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Star Tetrahedron with Crystal Balls

Aligned spherical quartz in the Star Tetrahedron Energy balancing model built on Star Tetrahedron geometry using 8 symmetrically placed spherical crystalline quartz “nodes” that can be individually aligned using muscle testing, pendulum, etc. Using this really exercises one’s energy balancing “muscles” and it is a bit of a beast to keep in the house. It is an interesting thought experiment to imagine this large enough to rest inside.

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Acupuncture and 4 Dimensional Geometry

The 12 Acupuncture Meridians can be placed on a Star Tetrahedron only in one way (based on the 24-hour wheel). The relationships apparent when this is done include all of the relationships present in a planar (2 dimensional) model, but many more. Acupuncture as normally presented is possibly a 2-dimensional representation of a 3 spatial + time dimensional system. Here is a paper that discusses this possibility:

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Energy Balancing Using Spherical Quartz

A spherical quartz crystal can be oriented to any alignment. If muscle testing is used to identify a stressor, the crystal can then be aligned to balance that stressor. This can either be left or used as an element of a correction.

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