Safe and Sound Protocol Comments

December 2018

I’ve done 4 days and will do the 5th this evening. I’m noticing a lot but it’s come on so quickly that it’s almost a little hard to digest and explore, I almost feel I need more time to describe it! First, though, I’m noticing that my listening comprehension feels better, and my ability to pay attention, in general, seems good, especially for how tired I’ve been lately. I am also noticing that I feel like my center of attention is a little more easily grounded and centered. As I said, I’ve been really tired lately because I’ve been quite busy, and it’s easy for me to get anxious and worrisome from that space, but I feel really content and safe. I felt a little more sensitive the first couple days, interestingly, but I was very attuned to it and was able to take good care easily. I’m experiencing a difference for certain, though I’m afraid that I have the placebo effect because it feels too good to be true, haha. I’m really excited to see how it develops over time!
I also have been noticing lots of tummy gurgles while I listen, and I feel a bit fatigued after sometimes.
Additionally, despite my social anxiety, connecting socially does actually feel easier and more pleasant! It’s really interesting. I am feeling more comfortable being vulnerable.

January 2019

Most of what I felt was in my head. Like my brain being worked on and my ears working.

I do think in general I feel less anxiety and more safe. I feel more calm in most circumstances. What’s most interesting is that I feel like I’ve changed and that I see things a little differently then I used to. Perhaps with more clarity?

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