Safe and Sound Protocol Comments

December 2018

I’ve done 4 days and will do the 5th this evening. I’m noticing a lot but it’s come on so quickly that it’s almost a little hard to digest and explore, I almost feel I need more time to describe it! First, though, I’m noticing that my listening comprehension feels better, and my ability to pay attention, in general, seems good, especially for how tired I’ve been lately. I am also noticing that I feel like my center of attention is a little more easily grounded and centered. As I said, I’ve been really tired lately because I’ve been quite busy, and it’s easy for me to get anxious and worrisome from that space, but I feel really content and safe. I felt a little more sensitive the first couple days, interestingly, but I was very attuned to it and was able to take good care easily. I’m experiencing a difference for certain, though I’m afraid that I have the placebo effect because it feels too good to be true, haha. I’m really excited to see how it develops over time!
I also have been noticing lots of tummy gurgles while I listen, and I feel a bit fatigued after sometimes.
Additionally, despite my social anxiety, connecting socially does actually feel easier and more pleasant! It’s really interesting. I am feeling more comfortable being vulnerable.

January 2019

Most of what I felt was in my head. Like my brain being worked on and my ears working.

I do think in general I feel less anxiety and more safe. I feel more calm in most circumstances. What’s most interesting is that I feel like I’ve changed and that I see things a little differently then I used to. Perhaps with more clarity?

February 2019

It’s been interesting so far! Listening to the day one music felt relaxing, and the day two music is where I started to notice some of that annoyance you mentioned.

My sleep has improved significantly — according to my fitbit data, my usual is 4.5-5.5 hours of deep sleep. But my day one deep sleep was 7 hrs 7 min, and my day two was 6 hrs 20 min.

I’m definitely experiencing some of that mental fatigue, but I’m also feeling less anxious in general.

I’ve also had a touch of heartburn on day one and a mild headache day two, hard to tell if those are related or if I would’ve had either anyway.

My sleep is still improved, 7 hrs 4 min of deep sleep after the day 3 session. After seeing my improved sleep numbers, my husband is now interested in listening. 🙂
I also noticed a mild headache after the day 3 session (very mild)
I took yesterday off, in part because the videos I needed to finish recording for a short course took much longer than expected, but I’m restarting day one today. I noticed that the on-camera video was a lot less anxiety-provoking than those usually are, and I was able to do it in many fewer takes. 
I noticed a huge difference at the airport…I usually get overstimulated pretty quickly there and feel fried by the time I’ve gotten through security, but today I didn’t have that experience at all. It just felt very normal, despite all the noise.
[8 – 10 DAYS}
Thanks for checking in! I’ve been meaning to email you, but the SSP worked so well that for the first time in my life, I’ve been enjoying socializing with other people so much that I’ve been attending the post-conference activities in the evening. It’s miraculous what a difference it makes.
The presentation went very well. Normally I get extremely nervous before teaching, even when I’m sitting alone in my office doing a webinar with slides where I’m not visible on the webcam. I expected to feel that way before going up on stage, but instead, I only felt slightly anxious, and after about 10 minutes into the presentation, I felt as relaxed as I normally would during a group conversation with people I know well. 
I did have the support of my editor, who asked me pre-chosen questions to answer about each of the topics that I was presenting on, and I had a number of friends in the audience, but neither of those things would’ve been enough to eliminate my nervousness about talking in front of a live audience in the past. 
I also am usually so fried mentally by dinner time if I’ve been hanging out with other people all day that I’d retreat to my room instead of go out for dinner with a group, but I had a wonderful time with multiple groups of people, all of whom I mostly interact with through a slack channel or weekly work meetings and who I didn’t know personally at all.
I still had trouble falling asleep at the end of the day, but it wasn’t because I was so frazzled from being overstimulated, it was because I kept thinking about all the great conversations I was having with people.

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