Out-Standing Instructions for Use

Out-Standing presents information on how our body deals with the force of gravity. This information is useful for many Manual Therapy modalities (Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Pilates) and also for activities like Martial Arts, Dance, and Sports training. It is essentially a Digital Scale, however, the readings are presented as percentages of the total rather than as weight. Front/back percentages for each foot are also represented. The values are stored so that after some therapeutic or training intervention an additional set of values can be captured to validate by comparison the efficacy of the intervention.

NB: This product is a reconfiguration of the Nintendo Wii Balance Board. The Balance Board has been modified from its original configuration, voiding all manufacturer’s warranties. It is guaranteed against defect by this remanufacturer for 12 months from the purchase date.
Please use reasonable caution stepping onto and off of the board.


  • The Balance Board should only be used on a hard surface or thin carpet, as thicker or softer surfaces may cause the board to operate incorrectly.
  • The balance board should be used bare-footed; socks do not properly grip the hard surface and can create a danger.
  • WATCH YOUR BALANCE – Do not stand or step on the edges of the board.
  • Do not use if your weight is more than 330 lbs./150 kg.
  • Make sure that there is adequate space around you.
  • Children should be supervised by an adult.


Before you start, download the “OUT-STANDING” app (free download) from the Apple Store.


Step 1: Wake up the Out-Standing board with the large centrally located button. The blue LED should turn on indicating that the board is active and talking to the iPhone.

Step 2: Launch the app “Out-Standing”: You should see one selection “Adafruit BLE”. Click on this and the app is launched and ready to use. (If the app launched to the main screen use the “Back” button to view the BLE selections). If you do not see this selection, and the Board is charged, or charging, press the red “Sync” button under the same cover as the charging port on the bottom of the board.

Do not stand on the board until the Main screen has launched from the BLE selection. The board self calibrates during this step – similar to the TARE function of a digital scale. If you sense that the board should be recalibrated at any point you can go back to the BLE Selection Screen and re-initiate (no weight on the board).

Step 3: Have the client stand on the board and settle for a moment into what they experience as their most balanced posture. Both feet should be centered on the board front to back, and each foot should be equidistant from the side edge of the board. When they are ready, press the “FIRST MEASUREMENTS” button. Values should show as percentages of weight on each foot and percentages of weight front/back for each foot. (Click on above image to see an example)

Step 4: Perform some therapeutic or training modality. The section on “Interpreting the Results” has some guidelines, but the results are significant for many therapeutic modalities.

Step 5: Have the client repeat Step 3 and press the “SECOND MEASUREMENTS” button. You now have a set of before and after balance-readings to compare for your therapeutic modality.

NB: If the time between before and after the readings is greater than two hours, stepping onto the board momentarily before that point will reset the standby timer for two more hours. After two hours of inactivity, the board will enter a low power mode which will require reinitializing and loss of the acquired data (Bluetooth devices are power-hungry and power down is required after a period of inactivity).  Just note the values before proceeding.

Uut-Standing uses a LiPo Battery and is charged using a standard heavy-duty USB charger. Battery life is ~20 hours, so if the board is used all day, it should be recharged every night (The Bluetooth/iPhone connection is quite energy-intensive). Also, like many Bluetooth enabled devices, OutRight requires recharging if it has not been used for a while. It can be used while plugged into a USB charger. The charging port is under the cover on the bottom of the unit. Use the included USB charging power adapter and cable.


Pointers to some of the potential issues inferred from the Out-Standing stance test:
An overview of associated posture and stance biomechanics:

The introduction/general description of the product for which these specific instructions are written: