Touch For Health Testimonials

Brian’s TFH level 1 and 2 exceeded my expectations!

After 4 days I feel excited and prepared to apply TFH immediately in my Bodywork practice. I appreciate Brian’s through and organized presentation of the material both theoretically and experientially. He is an extrodinary resource for dynamic, functional and integrative healing modalities. I am grateful to have Brian as a mentor in my life to support deepening my personal growth and expanding my career.

Christina deCossio, CP CMT

Neuromuscular Therapist

Fairfax, CA 1/16/14

Multiple people have recommended that I take the TFH training.  Most of them, have specifically recommended Brian Esty as an instructor (not all of them knew him).  I am so happy that it finally fit into my life this past week. The touch for health program has taken a vast body of knowledge and somehow managed to simplify the information to make it very user friendly.  The book is so well written, that all the information is at my fingertips, in an incredibly easy to use format.  Brian was able to share the information and teach us how to optimally utilize this resource in a very short time period.  He never failed to amaze us with his personal wealth of knowledge, which he happily shared, as excited as we were that we were soaking up the information.  He was able and willing to help each of us to adapt the material  to meet our personal needs.  When I leave many classes I feel overwhelmed with the information and not quite sure how it will fit into my practice.   I left this class feeling like I had a toolbox (rather than a new tool) that I am very excited to start using!  I am looking forward to setting up a class for my friends.

Diana Lilja, P.T.

Roscoe Il

Empowering / Satisfying / Balancing 10/10

Brian is so knowledgeable and kept us on track.

C. D.   S. F.


Expanding / Confirming / Exciting 9.5/10

Instructor is both formal and informal. He covered all of the content in a relaxed manner. He demonstrated competence and in depth understanding of Touch for Health, based on lived experience in his private practice.

R. F.   S. F.


Complex / Integrating / Insightful 10/10

Instructor and teaching methods were in total alignment. Brian is awesome, and so is the material.

Thank you for the wonderful classes and your organized teaching approach! All of the info you shared with us was great and extremely helpful to have as resources. I look forward to TFH 3 and 4!

S. W.  S. F.


The workshop was excellent.  I got SO much out of it.  I can really see how the one point balance can help out with the deep tissue work, and the getting there seems like something I could practice at doing more and more quickly so as to incorporate it all into a session.
Thanks so much for your generosity of spirit and knowledge!
A. S.   S. F.

Transformational / Integrative / Amazing 10/10

“Brian’s demo’s were great, he knows his stuff and gave great feedback. I loved the intimate setting.”

C. D.    S. F. (Manual Therapist)


Inspirational / Integrative / Effective   10/10

“It has been a joy to experience Brian’s understanding of the work and how to use it. Brian’s clarity and teaching knowledge is wonderful!!”

Follow up email: “I am loving the work. I’ve been using it in my sessions and have been getting amazing results!! Thanks for the great class last weekend! I am looking forward to this weekend and learning more!!

S. W.   S. F. (Manual Therapist)

Expanding / Exciting / Helpful   10/10

“Brian covered the content in a relaxed manner. He graciously responded to questions as they came up.”

R. F.   S. F. (Healer)



Strengthening, Inspiring, Opening

Very supportive hands on,  intimate and supportive, deep clearing.

A.H.   S.F, CA


instructional, eye-opening, inspiring

A little non-linear, but got to the information. Good classroom environment. Everything was practical and relevant.

S.S.  Monterrey, CA


Informative, connecting

L.H.  Danville CA

Informative, Positive Educational

Good questions and instructor answered the very well.

10 out of 10

K. W. MN.


Informative, Insightful, Beneficial

What I liked most about the course was the blend of instruction, modeling, practice balances, giving and receiving, questions and answers. The class environment was supportive, camaraderie, stress free atmosphere. Overall an excellent class!

A solid 9-10.

M. W. MN.


Foundational, Healing, Love, Comfort and Beauty.

I struggled with diving in right away- but it all made sense and stuck!

What I liked most about the course was my experience and Brian’s healing power.

10 out of 10

Thank you!

J. S. MN.


Fascinating, Energizing, Peaceful

Enjoyed Brian’s gentle and relaxed approach.

Very grateful for this experience.

Overall 10 out of 10

Impact on you 8 out of 10

N. R. MN.


Fun, exciting and interesting.

Easy to understand, the examples were extremely helpful.

The classroom environment was very comfortable.

Surpassed my expectations.

J.S. Berkeley, CA

Brian is right on! He cares and catered to our learning needs.



Thankyou so much for all of your teaching. You have a real sensitive spirit full of energizing insights. I appreciate you sharing your gifts with me.



I am grateful and honored you are my teacher. God bless you for giving us the tools to change our lives and the lives of others. God has given you the gift of a teacher, he will guide you in your passion. I am thankful to have recieved your passion



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