Web Projects/Writing

Neuromotor Assessment

This online assessment for both children and adults evaluates the degree of development of our innate automaticities. Additionally, it then discusses the most efficacious subset of therapies, activities, and themes that will encourage further maturation of the foundational systems upon which our more complex conscious actions are established.



Much of the material in the blog has come from conversations with clients, who have found helpful tools and information which I have then explored. There is also a substantial amount of info related to Manual Therapy. The principal role of the blog is to provide quick, easy access to resources that may have value for my clients in the context of our work.


Dimensional Mastery Models

Presented here are inter-related but distinct perspectives examining the influence of evolution on the qualities and characteristics of our structure and function. The path our species followed as it progressed from our origin as a single-celled organism to the complex creatures we have become constrains the possibilities of our form, thereby determining the potentials of our function (Homology). The models presented here present three perspectives of our evolutionary journey: the path our species followed; the physiology we evolved by following this path; our discovery and exploitation of the intrinsic potentials of the space in which this journey unfolded.

These models, by both necessity and intention, are superficial studies of the underlying material. They attempt to climb above the profound complexity of the inter-related systems to catch a glimpse of the whole from perspectives that may find some utility, both therapeutically and in clarifying our place as inhabitants of the system. It is this writer’s opinion that an accurate “meta” perspective is often missing from our political and social engineering discourse and decision making processes.



Touch for Health Archive

This was a significant project for me from 2013-2017. I have archived all available papers on Touch for Health from the conference journals going back to 1973. All of the papers are indexed and individually searchable. This archive is perhaps the best available chronology documenting the evolution of modern Energy Medicine and is a cornucopia of information and techniques for energy balancing.


Neurolymphatic Point Reference

An activity that can assist Lymph fluid flow is rubbing points on the body with known associations to lymph function related to specific muscles and organs. These points were revealed in research by an Osteopath, Dr. Frank Chapman, in the 1920s. I have organized these points by organ or gland (meridian) function in a web site which is laid out for use with a smartphone. The reasoning is that when in a spa environment, rubbing specific points will assist in rejuvenating organ/gland function. These points are on both the front and back of the body, and you can rub them yourself, or have someone rub the ones on your back.