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Much of the material in the blog has come from conversations with clients, who have found helpful tools and information which I have then explored. There is also a substantial amount of info related to Manual Therapy I have gleaned from reading Science and other scientific and technology oriented publications.



Touch for Health Archive

This has been a major project for me from 2013-Now. I have archived all available papers on Touch for Health from the conference journals going back to 1973. When completed all of the papers will be indexed, and individually searchable. This archive is perhaps the best available chronology documenting the evolution of modern Energy Medicine and is a cornucopia of information and techniques for energy balancing.


Dimensional Mastery Model

The twin pillars of the Dimensional Mastery model (DMM) are the geometric nature of space (Platonic Geometry) and Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, and by extension the theory of Exaptation, which posits that more complex living systems are adaptations and extensions of more primitive ones. The DMM explores how living organisms must have evolved one dimension at a time, first inhabiting a point in space and persisting through time, as plants still do, and then extending as animals sequentially into the line, plane and volume aspects of physical space. Each leap into a dimensionally more complex environment required a corresponding leap in physical and neurological complexity, repurposing and extending the abilities of the underlying, fully functional biological systems, which meanwhile continued in their original role. The DMM extends beyond the spacetime dimensions to elucidate and explore the created and potential human experience.


Neurolymphatic Point Reference

An activity that can assist Lymph fluid flow is rubbing points on the body with known associations to lymph function related to specific muscles and organs. These points were revealed in research by an Osteopath, Dr. Frank Chapman, in the 1920’s. I have organized these points by organ or gland (meridian) function in a web site which is laid out for use with a smart phone. The reasoning is that when in a spa environment, rubbing specific points will assist in rejuvenating organ / gland function. These points are on both the front and back of the body, and you can rub them yourself, or have someone rub the ones on your back.



Touch for Health 1 and 2 Presentation Package for Mac

This is an ongoing project to build an interactive “powerpoint” support package for teaching TFH 1 and 2. Every time I teach a class, I go back through and refine these tools. It is written in Keynote for the Mac. The ideal way to utilize this is to teach using a largish flat screen TV or projector and run Keynote on an IPad (the button sizing is set for IPad or even IPhone). The presentation is organized on “Touch for Health, The Compete Edition” including page numbers, enabling forgoing using the TFH class manuals, with their associated issues. Teaching from the presentation is fast and easy, and bridges gaps in the instructor’s understanding relatively seamlessly.


It would be a good idea to redownload these before any class in case I have worked on them, and I welcome suggestions for improving their efficacy.

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