Acupressure and Kinesiology

Kinesiology is the language of the body. If our body has some form of reaction to a stimulus or stressor, it will weaken or become rigid, and this change can be observed by monitoring how our muscles respond, essentially a form of bio-feedback using touch.  This information includes our emotional, electrical, physical and other energetic systems. These patterns can originate from stress, diet, old fears, any trauma or really from almost anything in our environment or past. Fortunately to “reset the system”, or as practitioners say, “balancing”, is simple and easy.  The results can be stunning, and include relief from chronic pain, greater flexibility as well as expanded optimism, vitality and enthusiasm for life.

I use a range of Kinesiologies for corrections. The protocol I choose is based  on the specific needs of my clients. The intent is liberation from restrictions to my clients inner resources, which at a most basic level could be experienced as freedom from pain or easy, fluid and more efficient posture. At a more subtle level results may manifest as feeling more connected to their body, looking and feeling younger, feeling more vital or being more able to focus on or manifest a goal. It is common for a chronic pain issue, for example TMJ, Acid Reflux, back or neck pain to release in a matter of a few minutes. Integrating this release so that there is no recurrence may take longer as there are usually a group of associated issues to work through.

Notes on Energy (Chi)
Because we can’t see or feel energy (Chi) we sometimes have difficultly accepting the possibility that it exists.  I like to think that we live in a sea of energy in the same way that fish live in a sea of water, and that we have as much trouble distinguishing energy from our background as we would as fish distinguishing water from an aquatic background. Other cultures, notably China, have used the energy model for many thousands of years for bolstering health and wellbeing. The channels energy flows through the body can be imaged thermo-graphically using infrared photography, and their electrical conductance can be measured using simple devices*. The National Institute of Health (NIH) has conducted multiple trials using acupuncture with clinically significant results. Using muscle testing we can search for energetic imbalances and make corrections to how our energy flows in ways that are both similar and very different from Traditional Chinese Medicine.

*These devices are commonly used by acupuncturists (and myself) to locate and treat meridian points.

Short video demonstration on the energy fields surrounding and inside our bodies:

Touch for Health Classes