Rates and Session Information

  • 1 hr Manual Therapy Session Rate: $195.00 p/h.
  • 90 minute session: $290.00
  • Package offer (Manual Therapy): 5 sessions paid in advance for $850.00 ($125.00 savings).

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  • Setting a Goal or Intention: It is always helpful to do Integrative Bodywork with a goal in mind, and to spend a little time before sessions thinking about what your current goals and aspirations are.
  • How to dress: I usually work with my clients clothed. Please wear comfortable, soft clothing, not jeans.
  • Touch: Engaging in a dialog with the body can be done with many different types of touch. My goal as a therapist is to always find the quickest way to restore function to the physical structure, which at times may seem somewhat intense. However, it should never feel painful. If, in our work, you feel pain, too intense a sensation, or are in any way uncomfortable with the kinesthetic conversation, please let me know and I will approach the dynamic of interest in a different, perhaps more subtle way.
  • Cancellation Policy: At 24 hours prior to the appointment the session is fully reserved. You are welcome to transfer the time slot to someone else, however, you will be billed for the time reserved. Conversely, when I am unable to provide advanced notice to my clients of a schedule change affecting them, I offer a session at no charge as compensation for the inconvenience.
  • Insurance Reimbursement Information: Manual Therapy is routinely reimbursed through most HSAs. If your insurance carrier requires a prescription, Manual Therapy is the treatment modality for myofascial / muscle tone regulation issues (ICD 10 codes: M62.89 or M79.18¬† The treatment code for Manual Therapy is CPT 97140). Please request a receipt from me. I will not deal directly with an insurance claim beyond providing tax ID and receipt for services – this often does not meet the providers’ requirements (for example faxing W9’s, etc).
  • Billing:¬†Payment is required when services are provided. I do not invoice for services. If invoicing is required, please ensure that this arrangement is possible before scheduling an appointment.

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St James

St James Rectory

Office Locations and Days:


4620 California St (@ 9th Ave)

St James Episcopal Rectory (building on right as you come through the gate)

SF 94118


Merced Hts Office (near Daly City)

SF 94132