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Somatic/Manual Therapy

Manual techniques such as Craniosacral therapy help to enable our bodies to move out of restriction. Restrictions in our body originate from many sources, ranging from healing from an injury to emotional trauma. Our organism hungers for efficiency, and when restrictions are released, the body’s innate response is to embrace the greater efficiency presented. The rate of change is dependent upon the source, age, and degree of adaptation/compensation to the restriction. Releasing restrictions leftover from a recent ankle sprain may take less than an hour, whereas releasing a restriction that originated as a protective response deep in our developmental history will likely take longer. I specialize in Osteopathic/soft tissue/Energy Kinesiology techniques that painlessly eliminate restrictions to movement, and apply my advanced training in Neuromotor Reflex Integration help to integrate the consequential greater structural freedom into the functional whole of the organism.

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Low Energy Neurofeedback (LENS)

LENS is a fast way to open up new ways of responding. It applies very low-level brainwave feedback configured to disrupt and help reconfigure neural circuits that are not teaming well with the whole brain. Using the “team” metaphor, it acts as a coach, identifying how specific brain regions are not “playing” well with the team, and guiding these players into acting as a more responsive attribute of the whole brain.

The treatment is extremely subtle, but also very efficient. The expected outcome of a few 30-minute LENS sessions is usually an experience of a more fluid, dynamic sense of self, with a greater tolerance for the stimuli we encounter, with less reactivity to those stimuli. The EEG mapping function in the LENS software provides graphical evidence of otherwise subjective improvements in neurophysiology. Those who have committed to a series of sessions over a period of months often report a profound shift in their experience of self, with a sense of liberation from the limitations of their personal history and ego structure.

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Metabolic Testing

Hair Trace Mineral Analysis (HTMA) provides a window into the biochemistry unpinning our physical, emotional, and cognitive functioning. It is a powerful adjunct for both therapies of the psyche and soma. It is also inexpensive and does not require an allopathic prescription. Its power resides in the many hundreds of thousands of tests performed, linking the levels and ratios of trace elements as presented in the hair to specific imbalances. Once this information is known supplementation and dietary changes can be very supportive in bringing the body into better functionality. It offers different information from blood or urine tests, which offer a snapshot of our biochemistry at the time of the test. HTMA is a record of averaged metabolic activity of a period of ~one inch of hair growth (~6 weeks). For example, Lead, which will show in blood during active exposure, will continue to show in hair samples perhaps for years after exposure, as it is slowly excreted from where it has been sequestered in the body.

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