Clarity, Balance & Ease

Somatic/Manual Therapy

Manual techniques such as Craniosacral therapy help to enable our bodies to move out of restriction. Restrictions in our body originate from many sources, ranging from healing from an injury to emotional trauma. Our organism hungers for efficiency, and when restrictions are released, the body’s innate response is to embrace the greater efficiency presented. The rate of change is dependent upon the source, age, and degree of adaptation/compensation to the restriction. Releasing restrictions leftover from a recent ankle sprain may take less than an hour, whereas releasing a restriction that originated as a protective response deep in our developmental history will likely take longer. I specialize in Osteopathic/soft tissue/Energy Kinesiology techniques that painlessly eliminate restrictions to movement, and apply my advanced training in Neuromotor Reflex Integration help to integrate the consequential greater structural freedom into the functional whole of the organism.

More Information on Somatic/Manual Therapy

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