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Low Energy Neurofeedback (LENS)



LENS is a fast way to open up new responses to old stimuli. It applies very low level brainwave feedback configured to disrupt neural circuits that are not teaming well with the whole brain. The treatment is extremely subtle, but also very efficient. The expected outcome of a few 45 minute LENS sessions is usually an experience of a more fluid, dynamic sense of self, with a greater tolerance for the stimuli we encounter, with less reactivity to those stimuli. The EEG mapping function in the LENS software provides graphical evidence of otherwise subjective improvements in neurological functions. Those who have committed to a series of sessions over a period of months often report a profound shift in their experience of self, with a sense of liberation from the limitations of their personal history.

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Cranial Therapy



Manual techniques such as Craniosacral therapy move the body out of restriction. Restrictions in our body originate from many sources, ranging from healing from an injury to emotional trauma. Our organism hungers for efficiency, and when restrictions are released, the bodies innate response is to embrace the greater efficiency presented. The rate of change is dependent upon the source, age and our degree of adaptation of the restriction. Releasing restrictions left over from a recent ankle sprain may take less than an hour, whereas releasing a restriction that originated as a protective response deep in our developmental history will likely take longer. I specialize in Osteopathic/soft tissue techniques that painlessly eliminate restrictions to movement, and apply my advanced training in Neuromotor Reflex Integration help to integrate the consequential greater structural freedom into the functional whole of the organism.

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Touch for Health Classes



Much of what we experience as illness and disease is a consequence of chronic poor efficiency in our metabolism, posture/gait, emotional expression, the structure of our psyche and/or sense of connectedness. In the West we tend to wait till this imbalance manifests as a symptom, and then present this symptom to our doctor to be fixed. Even if the doctor can provide a satisfactory “patch” for the symptom, this is at best a temporary solution. Touch for Health(TFH) is a compilation of tests and corrections that steer our organism towards more efficient organization. It can be thought of as an “Owners Manual” for the body – it is structure as both a self help manual and reference for therapists. TFH is synthesized from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kinesiology, Osteopathy and original clinical Manual Therapy research done in the US in the early 20th century. The purpose of TFH is to quickly identify a pattern of chronic restriction in the organism, and release the “latch” on that pattern, enabling the possibility of reintegration with the whole of the organism. It is fascinating to observe how a single correction influences seemingly disparate aspects of our organism – working points on the head may resolve a chronic foot issue.

TFH can be learned from the manual: TOUCH FOR HEALTH, THE COMPLETE EDITION. However, it can be overwhelming to learn the material solely from the book, and I offer a 16 hour class that covers the basics of the material, providing a basis to start using the tools with yourself, friends and family (TFH I). I offer and additional 16 hour class which expands the tool in ways more appropriate for a therapeutic setting (TFH II). I will occasionally offer a 32 hour advanced course, covering all the techniques in the manual (TFH III and IV).

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Client Resources



I maintain a public blog where I post information information related to issues that emerged in conversation with clients, and of relevant current research.


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