Solfeggio Frequencies

Solfeggio frequencies are ancient tones known for their healing properties. The sound files accessible in the links here are 30 minute .wav files of the listed Solfeggio frequencies, blended with either the foundation or Master Tone. They are pure Sine Waves. The Schumann Frequencies are offset to a 7.8 hz beat, which is the Schumann Resonance, the fundamental resonance of our planet. The Theta tones are the Solfeggio frequencies offset to 4 beats per second, for deep regeneration.

These tones can be used quietly in the background when meditating, or doing Yoga, to intensify the intention of the activity.

396Hz: Liberate Guilt and FearTONETONETONETONETONE
417Hz: Facilitate Change and Expand ConsciousnessTONETONETONETONETONE
528Hz: DNA Repair, Initiate Transformation and MiraclesTONETONETONETONETONE
639Hz: Enable Connections and RelationshipsTONETONETONETONETONE
852Hz: Return to Spiritual OrderTONETONETONETONETONE
1122Hz: Master FrequencyTONETONETONETONE 

NB: These are 300 MByte audio files, and should be listened to over WiFi, or downloaded, as they will eat up a data plan just like a movie.

Here is a cool video on the Solfeggio Frequencies

The tool I used to generate the frequency files is:

ToneGen by NCH software