How Long Will a Balance Last?

One of the most common questions one fields doing Energy Kinesiology is “How long will the balance last?” There are usually multiple factors involved in the answer, and I often respond by saying that it is not possible to predict, but if we can create change, we can troubleshoot the reasons why you go back out of balance. However, I recently was able to video an elegant answer to this question presented by Matthew Thie, which he calls his “Kitchen Sink” response:

The Kitchen Sink metaphor frames healing in an educational model, where the goal is not to be “fixed”, which is the core of the Allopathic modalities, but rather to be enabled with the tools to identify and correct imbalances on an ongoing basis. This is a much more dynamic model than Allopathy, which tends to react to symptoms (take an Aspirin), and focuses on enhancing our innate capacities to heal including our conscious choices.