San Francisco Water Report

SF WATER REPORTWith the controversy surrounding municipal water supplies (Flint), it seemed like a good idea to independently check up on the SF water department. This testing sample was taken from our kitchen tap in our Merced Hts. (94132) house on 5/15/16.

The results of the testing are reassuring that here in SF we are not slowly being poisoned, as many of our fellow citizens are, by our tap water. In spite of this clean bill of health, when I change the filters on our home tap water filtration system, they are quite clogged and dirty. Observing this, as well as the subjective difference in taste between tap and filtered water, affirms to me the value of tap water filtration in SF before drinking or cooking.

The issues with Flint MI lead poisoning engender deep gratitude in me that we are blessed with drinkable tap water, and my heart goes out to Flint residents who are still dealing with this issue after so many years. Arsenic is a common issue in municipal well water in communities within 100 miles of SF and worldwide, and lead is endemic in many older water systems across the US.

Although the toxic metals in the report are impressively low, the report does show substantial Calcium, Magnesium and Sodium. These minerals can be toxic in people with a slow metabolic profile, and I do not recommend unfiltered SF tap water for drinking for this reason, in addition to the reasons mentioned above.

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These are used and new cartridge filters from my 94132 home water filter. The used filter is about 6 months old. Although San Francisco has some of the best municipal water in the US, even the world, I am very happy to have avoided consuming whatever the used filter captured.

This filter is from an Aquasana 2 Stage under counter filter, which is a bit pricey, but which I am satisfied with.