Yamuna Foot Wakers



Our ancestors feet had the privilege of walking around in soft shoes on dirt. Concrete and modern shoes are very hard on our feet, and they respond by thickening and restricting movement, resulting in variants of what is known as Plantar Fasciitis, Bunions, Hammertoes etc. I have long been a fan of Massage Balls. I recently discovered what could be thought of as the next generation massage ball for feet – the Yamuna Foot Waker.

The form and size of these “Foot Wakers” is very well thought out for the task of opening up the feet, thereby improving circulation and the foot’s ability to respond to changes in postural and gait loading. The half spherical design is perfect for stretching the fasciae on the bottom of the feet. The accompanying DVD has a comprehensive series of exercises for using the product, and is helpful for getting the context of this type of exercise, even if the exercises you end up doing do not follow the format presented in the video.

Although a bit pricey, I would rate this product 5 stars, and recommend it both for people who have foot issues, as well as anyone looking to improve the fluidity, vigor and vitality of their postural and gait dynamics.