Theraphi is a Plasma Field induction device used for rejuvenation and healing. The protocol requires that you lay on a table for 1/2 hour. My personal experience with this modality is an increased sense of vigor and vitality – a more robust sense of facing daily challenges from competency instead of a vague feeling of overwhelm, which is not uncommon for me. I would describe this state as a higher level of neurological organization, a level which I have rarely experienced – let alone after simply laying down for a bit.

I feel privileged to have participated in the launch of the first Theraphi installation in San Francisco (I have no financial stake in this project). I would highly recommend to anyone that they try this protocol, as it is likely that the global functional enhancement it seems to encourage will likely positively influence the healing of any specific issue – be it physical, sensory processing, emotional or cognitive.

There is a good deal of information on this protocol in this web page:


The San Francisco Theraphi center is in Glen Park in Dr. Cowan’s office. You can arrange a session by contacting Ashley Hathaway at San Francisco Nutritional Therapy: