Vaccination Injury Politics

Shoulder injuries from improperly administered vaccinations are common. Shoulder joint inflammation, resulting in long term restriction of movement and pain, commonly called Frozen Shoulder, is the result. This writer experienced this from an improperly administered flu shot at a local pharmacy which resulted in restricted arm movement and shoulder pain that lasted over a year. The graphic at right has guidelines for the proper protocol for administrating a shot. If you are getting a shot and this is not being followed (IE: the technician is standing for example), I highly recommend that you “pull the plug” immediately. After this writer’s prior experience, he will have the graphic at right open on his phone and visible to “orient” the technician, if needed, to the correct protocol.

The attached article discusses the current politics surrounding this issue:

United States aims to curb vaccination injury payouts

Also worth noting in this article is the mention of the true position of the HHS on the safety of vaccinations. Although vaccines save countless lives, they are only relatively safe. There is an HHS program for compensation for injury from vaccination:
National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program 1986
The policy of HHS is to lie about the safety of vaccines, stating for the media that they are completely safe when this is not the case. In this writer’s opinion, this does more harm than good and provides factual base ammunition for the Anti-Vaxxer movement.